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Next time you see this face it will be on the cover of Vanity Fair.
Star in Pilot

Star Davis is one of the main protagonists in the new Fox series STAR. She is the daughter of Mary Davis and half-sister of Simone Davis.She is portrayed by actor and singer, Jude Demorest, and first appears in "Pilot".



IMG 4977

Star is talking to Alex over the phone, and they are listening to a track of "I Can Be" with their voices. Alex wants Star to go to New York with her, but Star shows her the bad neighborhood that she lives in and emphasizes that's where she lives. her foster mom demands that she come wash the dishes, and Star hangs up with Alex to go inside the house. When she gets in the house her foster mom tells her to "do the damn dishes" and Star walks out and grabs her stuff. her foster mom following behind her asks where she's going, Star says that she is going to beg child services to process her out of the system.

IMG 4977


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