Pilot is the first episode from the new Fox series STAR.


Star, an 18-year old orphan living in Pittsburgh, persuades her social worker to give her the location of her half-sister Simone so that the two can pursue their dreams of a music career in Atlanta. After discovering Simone being sexually abused by her foster father Otis, Star stabs him and the two flee in his car. Meanwhile, Star's Instagram friend Alexandra, eager to escape her controlling parents, lies to both Star and Simone about who they are when the girls come to collect her. In Atlanta, the three meet Carlotta, Star's godmother, who encourages them to abandon their dreams and join her church choir. Ignoring her advice, Star, with the help of Carlotta's daughter Cotton, goes to a local strip club, where she gets a washed-up producer, Jahil, to book her and the others for a show at a house party, after which he agrees to manage them. Carlotta visits Jahil (who also managed Carlotta and Star and Simone's mother during their careers), and warns him to stay away from Star.[1]


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