The relationship between Nina Ferrera and Simone Davis began in the epsiode Secrets & Lies. They met one another when Simone had just gotten off the phone with her husband, Angel and she really missed him. Nina came walking up to her really upset and talking on the phone with her husband, Mateo. They both comforted each other and connected through the fact that they both have unhappy marriages. They spend the night drinking and having a fun night together. Simone wakes up in bed with her, the next day; both of them in their underwear, and she has no memory of what happened between them the previous night. Not knowing what else to do, she quietly, without waking Nina up, grabs her clothes and calls Alex to come pick her up. When the girls met Mateo and he introduced his wife to them, Simone was both shocked and a little uneasy to see that it was Nina. Simone talks to Nina in private. Simone thinks that they slept together, but Nina assures her that nothing happened and Simone seemingly believes her. The two has since formed an unlikely friendship. Though Nina has at times been inconsiderate on Simone's feelings, Simone continues to like her and appreciate her company. When Simone has to shoot a love-making scene with Jackson for the movie she is apart of (due to him replacing Noah), Simone was very uncomfortable because of his relationship with Star. Nina advised her to imagine Jackson as someone she loves and cares about. Simone took her advised and performed the scene flawlessly. After the shoot, Nina informs her of the movie's success. Simone then confesses to Nina that she was thinking about her when she was with Jackson. Nina is very taken by surprise. But before she can respond, Simone says she doesn't know what it means, because she knows that she loves her husband. She then walks out teary-eyed, leaving Nina shocked and confused.