Claire Jude Demorest (born March 11, 1992 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American actress who portrays Star Davis on the television show STAR on Fox. Jude Demorest has also played Mickey O'Flyn Groupie on the movie The Ghastly Love of Johnny X and has had many television roles such as portraying Candace on the TV show Dallas and Sarah on Bipolar.


“I grew up in church, seven days a week. The service was very music-driven… There was drama, dance, and choir rehearsal—it was my training.”

“It is not all the time as a actress that you’re working on something that you know has a purpose but is just fun.”

“There’s Music and there’s everything you could want to exercise and get to do as an actress we get to do.”


  • She is a Pisces
  • Her real first name is Claire
  • She grew up very religiously and learned how to sing and dance in church
  • She was signed to Epic Records under L.A Reid
  • She had to audition at least 10 times for the role of Star.
  • She once said that no one could play her sister but Brittany O'Grady.
  • She is very different from her character Star
  • She helped co-write the song Work From Home
  • She is married to Ammo
  • She is pregnant and expecting in November
  • She currently resides in Los Angeles, California
  • She is good friends with her fellow cast mate Amiyah Scott.
  • She is friends with Ryan Destiny, Brittany O'Grady and Quincy Brown .