{{Infobox_character2|title1 = Eva|image1 = eva.jpg|occupation = Amateur Singer|romances = Jahil Rivera (boyfriend)|enemies = Star Simone Davis|gender = Female|hair_color = Brown|eye_color = Brown|portrayed_by = Sharlene Taulé|first_appearance = Next of Kin|status = Dead cause she a whole snake. But she not a savage up in these streets you hurd

Information Edit

She's a beautiful Dominican girl whom Jahil saves from a trafficking ring. He later discovers that she is an amateur singer, and has plans to take Star's place in his girl group.

Season 1

Eva is first seen when Jahil takes a job to deliver a van full of girls to a trafficking ring. She later shows up at his house claiming that she doesn't know any English and that she knew Jahil was a good man when he let her and the other girls go. Originally everyone thought she was Jahil's niece. Through most the season she acts innocent and makes everyone think that she doesn't know any English, but soon her true, manipulative nature is revealed when Jahil hears her singing in the shower after which she says " Hell yeah i love that shit." in perfect English.

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