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Fame is a trip.
Carlotta in Pilot

Carlotta Brown is a main character and one of the five leads from the new Fox series STAR.


Carlotta Brown was in a singing group with her best friend Mary Davis in her teen into early twenties. She was in a relationship with their manager Jahil Rivera, which resulted in her getting pregnant. she committed armed robbery in a convenience store to try to get money for an abortion, and ended up going to to prison for three years. While in prison she gave birth to a son Cotton Brown.


IMG 4972

Carlotta singing "One Day"

Carlotta is first seen in her church singing the song "One Day". When Simone and Star show up at the church to talk to her, she catches sight of them and recognizes them and gives them a hug. After the service, she along with Star, Simone and Alex are eating from food trucks after church. She finds out that Alex is an atheist, ad she tells her that she's going to burn. Carlotta then asks if the girls are looking to stay with her, and Simone says yes.