Hell of a reunion.

Angel Rivera is a recurring character on the television show STAR on Fox. He is portrayed by Evan Ross.


The Winner Takes It All


Angel points the gun at his dad and Jahil.

he first appears on The Winner Takes It All when Jahil is fighting with his brother, because his brother owes him some money. Jahil drops his gun, and without knowing it Angel picks it up and points it at the both of them telling them to cut it out. His dad tells Jahil that if he want to take something then to take his useless nephew and walks out. Angel helps his uncle up.


Angel is playing a beat on his computer and his uncle says that it is really good. Angel says that he wants to go to Atlanta with his uncle to make music, but Jahil saya no, and that's its to dangerous. He also tells him to make him a copy of the track so that he can take it on the road.

May The Best Manager Win


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