You don't give up do you.
Alex to Carlotta in May The Best Manager Win.

Alexandra Crane is a major character on the television series STAR on Fox. She is portrayed by Ryan Destiny.


Alexandra Crane is a wealthy 19-year-old who grew up in Upper East Side, New York, but who, for years, has tried to put her privileged world behind her, so she can make real, authentic music. She is looking to step out of the shadows of her famous father and make it on her own.



IMG 4958

Alexandra's first appearence.

Alexandra first appears when she and star are on FaceTime, and Alex is playing "I Can Be" over the phone, to Star who says that it's dope. Alex is telling Star that they need to find some way to get Star to New York so that they sing together. Star then says that there is no way she is going to get there and shows her over the phone where she lives. Star makes a joke about meth addicts and Alex laugh, but then Star's foster mom tells her to come in and do the dishes, and Alex hangs up the phone.


Alex trying to convince her dad to give her money.

Alexandra asks her father, Roland Crane, if she can access her trust fund account. Her father asks her for what, and Alex says that she met this girl on Instagram, a white girl from Pittsburgh, and she wants to fly her out to New York so that they can make music together. Roland then asks her if she really thinks that he will give her his money for some white trash she met online, and that she only wants to work with Alex because of his name. Alex says that she made an account under a different name, and so Roland asks her is she's ashamed of her name, and asks what happened to her singing background for him. Alex says that she needs to make music that feeds her soul, and asks her dad when was the last time he felt something while singing one of his songs. she tells him to stop singing trash, and he calls her a talentless brat and says she's just like her mother.


Star and her sister Simone come to pick up Alex and take her with them to Atlanta, so they can be a girl group. Star is mesmerized by how Alexandra is treated, and tells her she looks like she's out of page, but is shortter than she thought. Alexandra says she looks heavier than she thought, and they both laugh. simone blows her breath on the window and writes "bitch" directed at Alex. Alex asks if there's what's going on with her, but says never mind and "let's do this".


While Alex, Simone, and Star at at the motel, Alex complains and says that she's not getting her stuff stolen, and Star tells her that not everything is Vendi and Prada, and that she needs to let her weave down. Alex calls her blondie and says that's her real hai and that not all black girls wear weaves. Alex asks if Simone was half black, and Star says that her dad was black. Star asks if Alex ever thought that she woould end up like this, and Alex says no, but she's glad that Star saved her, and that the music they're making is new life. When Star asks her if her parents are cool with that, she says that her mom is a surgeon and that her mom is dead. Simone then says the song is dope and starts to sing, and Alex asks if that's blood on her shirt, and then says she is going to sleep.

The Devil You Know'


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